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In the second APOA webinar, we will be exploring the opportunities to improve cancer care in the Asia-Pacific region in a collaborative manner.

You will hear from these cancer care experts (see speaker bios below), and their examples of how progress is being made to improve cancer care.

  • Carolyn Taylor - Founder and Executive Director, Global Focus on Cancer
  • Dr Dan Milner - Executive Director, Access to Oncology Medicines (ATOM)
  • Prof Desmond Yip - Senior Staff Specialist (Medical Oncology), the Canberra Hospital
  • Hiromi Todoroki - Chairwoman, Kibounokai
  • Carmen Auste - CEO, Cancer Warriors Foundation and Vice President, Cancer Coalition Philippines
  • Jenny Zhang - Director of International Affairs, House086 China

Webinar details:

  • Date: Thursday 22 June 2023
  • Time: 12-1:30pm Singapore Time
  • Location: Online via Zoom
  • Languages: English, with subtitles and simultaneous interpretation available in Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese
  • Cost: There is no cost for attendance.

Speaker bios:


Carolyn Taylor, Founder and Executive Director, Global Focus on Cancer

Carolyn Taylor is a supportive cancer care advocate and a survivor of ovarian and endometrial cancers. In 2011, she founded and is Executive Director of Global Focus on Cancer (GFC), a non-profit organization that acts as an agent of simple and effective change to help reduce the global burden of cancer through programs in cancer support, awareness, education, advocacy and networking in countries where access to information about cancer is critically lacking. Carolyn leverages her networking skills to build broad-based partnerships and alliances to introduce culturally relevant, evidence-based, cancer awareness and supportive initiatives across resource settings. Carolyn is a frequent presenter at international conferences and since 2016, has served as the co-founder and co-chair of the annual SE Asia Breast Cancer Symposium. She has been an author on more than 10 peer reviewed publications and currently serves as a member of the Lancet Commission on Women and Cancer.


Dr Dan Milner, Executive Director, Access to Oncology Medicines (ATOM)

Dr. Dan Milner is an anatomic and clinical pathologist with expertise in infectious disease, cancer, epidemiology, and business who has worked in global health for 25 years including more than 30 countries and more than 80 collaborators. His model of assessment, gap analysis, implementation planning, and execution guides all of the work that he performs, strategizes, and envisions for solving the challenges of healthcare equity. He currently serves at the Executive Director for the ATOM (Access to Oncology Medicines) Coalition and as an consultant to ASCP, clinical services, and several industry partners.


Professor Desmond Yip, Senior Staff Specialist in Medical Oncology, The Canberra Hospital.

Professor Yip is a medical oncologist with gastrointestinal cancer expertise at The Canberra Hospital and Professor at the Australian National University School of Medicine and Psychology. He is an Executive Member of the Medical Oncology Group of Australia and Chair of the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Global Oncology Group. He has had involvement in projects to develop cancer services in the South Pacific nations of the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.


Hiromi Todoroki, Chairwoman, Kibounokai

Hiromi is the Chairwoman of KIBOUNOKAI, a patient organisation supporting gastric cancer patients in Japan. Hiromi is also a Board member of Japan Federation of Cancer Patient Groups, and a member of Cancer Control Council of Tokyo.

Carmen Photo

Carmen Auste, CEO, Cancer Warriors Foundation and Vice President, Cancer Coalition Philippines

Carmen Auste is the mother of a teen childhood cancer survivor who survived a rare brain cancer. She is a founding member and Vice President of the Cancer Coalition Philippines (CCPH), and co-founder, CEO of the Cancer Warriors Foundation (Philippines). Carmen is one of 3 civil society representatives in the Philippine National Integrated Cancer Control Council (PNICCC). She is an international development consultant and advisor for the United Nations System and major development partners/funding institutions for the past 38 years and has extensive experience providing technical guidance and support to governments, development organizations, and institutions in more than 40 countries.

Jenny Zhang Photo

Jenny Zhang, Director of International Affairs, House086 China

Jenny joined Director of Publication and International Affairs of Hongmian Cancers and Rare Disorders Charity Foundation of Guangzhou (HCRDCF) as lymphoma patient’ carer. She has over 10 years experience of publication, and over 5 years experience of working with lymphoma patients and experts for House086. With her support, Living with Lymphoma (2018), Patient Involvement in Health Technology Assessment (2022) were imported and published in China, and she also worked as the vice Chief editor in the publication of Best Practice of Patient Engagement in The Entire Lifecycle of Medicines. Meanwhile, she works as the delegate of House086 and other affiliated POs of HCRDCF to cooperate and communicate with UICC, Lymphoma Coaliation, ESMO-AsiaCAPEand CLLAN, etc. Driving by"patient-centered” , Jenny is committed to promoting policy advocacy in China.