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This is a free resource for patient organisations to connect and share. We ask that you adhere to our guidelines when interacting on the forums. If we feel that the guidelines are not being adhered to, we may contact you about this and/or remove you from the forum.

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Respectful dialogue: We expect members to treat each other with respect. You may disagree, but it needs to be in a respectful/polite manner. Pinnacle is a safe place for people to share their ideas. Aggressive comments, harassment, hate speech, bullying, obscenities etc will not be tolerated at all. Obscene, defamatory, discriminating content will be removed. If you see abuse or inappropriate posts, please report this to us

Integrity and honesty: Discussions on the forum should only be available to members of Pinnacle. Comments should never be exported or shared externally for any purpose. Pinnacle is based on an open and honest conversation, so members absolutely should not impersonate others or lie about who you are. There should only be one account and username per person. Repeated instances of sharing misinformation or lies are not helpful to the community and will not be tolerated. If you are sharing factual information about current affairs, studies/research, data etc, please include the link to a resource for others to have access to. If you are planning to use the forum for any purpose other than what it is intended for (e.g. asking opinions for research or media), you need to contact us for permission first. Contact us at

Caution: Please do not post or request personal information that you would not want in a public space. Consider if a more in-depth conversation should be conducted one to one over e-mail.

Medical advice: It is not in the scope of Pinnacle or members to provide medical advice in any way. Reference to specific procedures or medications is not appropriate.

Promotion/ personal profit: Pinnacle should not be used for commercial interests, for example, to promote your service or product. Spam is not allowed and will be deleted.

Copyright: The content on this forum should not be shared elsewhere without permission or sold for any purpose.