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    Asia Pacific Oncology Alliance

    APOA is a network of stakeholders from across the cancer continuum who are committed to improving cancer care in the Asia-Pacific region

Introducing the Asia-Pacific Oncology Alliance (APOA)

What is APOA?

APOA is a network of stakeholders from across the cancer continuum who are committed to improving cancer care in the Asia-Pacific region. Comprising of patients, patient organisations, clinicians, researchers, multiple industries, and healthcare decision-makers, the Alliance has a vision of better access to cancer treatment and care for the billions of people in the Asia-Pacific region.

Although there are major differences between countries, each can help drive change for patients in the region by understanding how cancer treatments are evolving, and how improvements to cancer care can bring tremendous benefits to patients.

We believe that tangible change is possible with a vision, the right information, collaboration, respectful advocacy, and empowered patient organisations.

What does APOA aim to achieve?

To help drive change for cancer patients in the Asia-Pacific, throughout 2023 APOA will:

  • Engage with a range of stakeholders in the region to build relationships and develop an aligned vision.
  • Strengthen our collective understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the Asia-Pacific by conducting interviews with regional and local experts.
  • Host a series of virtual workshops with experts from across the globe to better understand the cancer care landscape.
  • Use this information to develop a collaborative thought leadership report that articulates opportunities for change in the region and how it can happen.
  • Use APOA insights and relationships to continue to grow the Pinnacle global network and identify opportunities for change.

In 2024, the report and tools will be translated into local languages, with support provided to boost local engagement; including the development of coaching relationships.

How can I be a part of it?

There are several ways you can be a part of the process:

  • Join an APOA webinar: The first webinar, The future of cancer care, is scheduled for April 2023. Featuring a range of cancer care experts, the workshop will explore the exciting developments in global cancer care, how it is changing for the better, and what this means for the Asia-Pacific region.

    There is no cost for attendance. 
  • Share your experience: We’d love to learn more about cancer care in your country. If you’d like to share your knowledge and thoughts, please reach out to Christina Cho via email:

How can I learn more?

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about APOA, please email Christina Cho at

APOA is a project within the Pinnacle Program, developed and run by Rare Cancers Australia. For more information about the Pinnacle Program please visit

APOA Advisory Board

The work of APOA will be guided by the below Advisory Board members. These members reflect the stakeholder groups within the APOA network, including patient organisations, clinicians/researchers, regulatory stakeholders and industry representatives.