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    Playbook welcome

    The Pinnacle Playbook

    A practical guide for patient organisations. A place to explore ideas on how to grow, improve and therefore better support your patients.

About the Playbook

The Playbook includes guidance on the common challenges we all face and aids with planning and structure. Most importantly, it shares all the lessons learned by Rare Cancers Australia team and others over the years.

Pinnacle Playbook V2

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    Impact Framework

    We feel that a strong focus on performance and impact is important for POs. Although we always have more to learn, one of the major reasons for our success is that we run our charity like a for-profit business.

  • 02

    Defining the organisation

    The WHY is the purpose for the organisation. It should drive everything you do, so it must be clear. The WHY forms a strong foundation, and it's like a beacon that keeps you moving in the right direction.

  • 03

    Setting goals and planning

    Strategic planning helps you determine WHAT your PO can do to help patients and achieve your purpose with the available resources.

  • 04

    Building a team

    Good leadership and governance are essential for a high-performing PO. The team leaders and Board should be integral to the organisation’s strategy, and developing feasible, high-impact plans.

  • 05

    Managing team and resources

    If you want to be as efficient and effective as possible, you need to consider your resources and limitations.

  • 06

    Branding, communications and engagement

    POs are community organisations that need to interact with others by nature. It’s important to have high-impact communications that build trust, and stakeholder engagement that builds strong relationships.

  • 07

    Impact and performance

    It is important for us and our major stakeholders to understand our impact and performance. Ultimately, we exist for patients and so our impact for them is our most important performance consideration.

  • 08

    Review and grow

    There is always room to grow and develop – and challenges along the way! Exploring pain points can help leaders better understand what is holding the organisation back and consider next steps. We think there is a “tipping point” to aspire to.